Have you ever wondered why celebrities are constantly in "rehab" facilities? So did I...
How Britney Spears is connected to most major conspiracy theories- no really!
Only a small minority of women had any interest in voting, so how was the 19th amendment passed?
A commentary on the recent attacks on Abbot Tryphon and Patristic Faith
Meet The Anti-Suffragettes Most people are at least somewhat familiar with a few of the more famous suffragettes and their various actions in securing…
My Book, Occult Feminism: The Secret History of Women's LiberationIf you’re a fan of what I have posted to Substack so far, you might like my book, Occult Feminism. It’s about the esoteric religious ideas that …
The last four generations of Americans have been swimming in a sea of feminist propaganda our whole lives. We don't even notice the feminist themes and…
Why it should be a worldwide day of mourning for the victims of communism and abortion
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